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Is it possible with drop-in tours?
Yes, check directly with the captain if the boat is available: Phone +47 934 97 707.

Is it possible to share the tour with somebody else?
Primarily you hire the yacht and captain as a whole, and for your friends and family alone. It is a private cruise, rented for private use. 

There are only two of us traveling, can we still book the yacht?
Yes. The private cruise is ideal for a couple how want to have a private cruise, or a small group to see the amazing nature and cruise with your own captain guiding you through the fjords.

How long time is the tour if we want to see Kjerag in addition to Preikestolen/ Pulpit Rock?
Stavanger-Kjerag and back are a 6 hours cruise, inclusive excursion at the old power plant village Flørli with the world’s longest wooden staircase, 4444 steps from sea level to the top of the mountains. (possibly with snow on top)
If we are 7 guests on your cruise and we all want a helicopter tour? The helicopter has a maximum capacity of 5 VIP guests per trip. 7 cruise guests require two helicopter trips.

Is it possible to hike from the fjord up to Preikestolen or Kjerag?
Yes, it’s possible with a hiking guide, contact Captain for further details.

Can we extend the cruise while in the boat from 3-hour cruise to 6-hour cruise?
Normally not in the high season, as the Yacht has a busy schedule, but pending availability, yes – ask the captain.

Can we bring a dog aboard?
Unfortunately not, as other guests might have allergies.

Where is Stavanger and how to get there?
Stavanger is located on the south west part of Norway and offers easy access by plain directly from several European cities and easy transfer through hubs like Copenhagen, Amsterdam and London for overseas travellers. Its only a 20 minutes taxi tour from the airport to my yacht in the harbour of Stavanger.

Are there any weather limitations?
Stavanger and the surrounding sea area east of Stavanger is protected for rough seas by high mountains, fjords and idyllic islands so weather is rarely a safety factor. However, safety is always our main priority and the Captain may cancel the cruise for safety reasons.

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The MArquis Yacht

The exceptional well built Marquies Yacht is built to handle cold and tough weather conditions. Large windows and a massive panoramic glass roof (electrically moved to any position), ensures that our guests will enjoy the spectacular view of the surrounding landscape throughout the whole trip indoors as well as outdoors. We also have the Barolo III 21m (71ft) yacht for larger groups and added luxury- 


Telephone: +47 934 97 707

E-mail: post@privatecruise.no

We’re open 24 hours – all days – all year

Private Cruise is Stavanger’s leading high-end luxury private cruise & charter company. We provide cruises to families and small groups aboard our exceptional 44 feet modern American Yacht.

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Tlf: +47 934 97 707
E-mail: post@privatecruise.no

Meeting point: Strandkaien/Vågen in Stavanger centre. (Not there at the moment, call us).

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